Shahrukh Chowdhury Lina all the time tells the client the reality to ship an authentic product. The upper the yarn rely, the softer and extra comfy the Jamdani is.

In addition they run London-based web site, on which individuals can order varied merchandise from London.

The handlooms have all the time loved a dominating place within the vogue world as essentially the most enduring, comforting, and body-friendly materials. Right this moment, Jamdani is completed on varied supplies, with out involving equipment. It’s a nationwide heritage and preserving the nationwide heritage is a accountability.

As we transfer into an age of eco-friendliness, it has grow to be much more related to protect these historic traditions which have been eco-infused in each step. Jamdani survives as a residing relic of a wonderful legacy. It’s a celebration of magnificence handed on to us, regardless of all odds, by those that got here earlier than.

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