The chocolate shake comes from the brand founded by Elle Macpherson in 2014, and is recommended for children aged four to 16 years. Like many products in the WelleCo collection, it was formulated by leading nutritionist Dr Simoné Laubscher.

It is gluten and dairy free, and contains probiotics and prebiotics, 100mg of calcium per serve, real fruit and vegetables, plant-based nutrients, and low GI coconut sugar. It is made by shaking two level scoops (30g) in 250ml water or any plant-based milk.

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The Super Kids Elixir + Protein is an optimised version of WelleCo’s previous kids’ protein formula.

“Super Kids Elixir + Protein goes one step further by providing an even greater array of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to give parents peace of mind that their children the goodness they need to be strong and well,” ​says the brand.

Our founder, Elle Macpherson, brought her own children up using our original product as a healthy snack between meals so that they didn’t resort to sugar for their energy, and credits this with having helped to establish healthy and positive eating habits into their adult years, which is something that she feels passionate about and wanted to help bring to our wider community.”

Taking the brand into children’s drinks

The luxury skin and wellness brand’s main portfolio includes includes premium ingestible beauty powder, The Super Elixir, ‘a daily supercharged greens powder containing a wealth of powerful ingredients to make you feel your best from the inside-out, supporting healthy-looking skin, strong hair and nails, overall gut health and immune system health, all while enhancing energy levels’; and WelleCo’s Nourishing Protein, ‘a nutritious, plant-based protein powder that provides all nine essential amino acids required for muscle recovery, alongside a blend brimming with nutrients including fibre, glutamine, minerals, acai, pre and probiotics and B vitamins.’

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