Mr Lowe had been working on prototypes of his business idea for 10 years when the pandemic shut down production completely. Spotting a significant gap in the market, Mr Lowe developed his own hand sanitiser and is in talks with supermarket chains to get his sanitiser into the hands of the nation.

The retired entrepreneur was left in incredible pain and almost unable to walk after a back injury which saw him take retirement early for health reasons

With his career as a bus driver at its end, and facing a challenge when it came to finding a way to apply cold directly onto the skin around his injury that wasn’t in the form of frozen peas, Mr Lowe decided to embark on his own business journey. 

In 2009, Mr Lowe began working with a team of medical professionals to create a non-freezable gel pouch that could be applied directly onto skin. 

He explained: “I was working on a special gel. It was a non-freezable gel, it’s just ethanol and purified water mixed together. The idea was to put it in a pouch that you can put in the freezer and it doesn’t freeze so it can go directly on the skin, it just doesn’t freeze.”

Being the guinea pig for his own product, Mr Lowe made an incredibly recovery, stunning his consultants who encouraged him to manufacture the product on a larger scale. 

“Using a prototype myself, it took the inflammation off and strengthened my tendons. I went back to my consultant and he was amazed that I was walking normally and he said I had to bring it out to market. But it’s not that simple,” he commented. 

Wanting to ensure that the product he brought to the market would be the best on offer, Mr Lowe spent years developing and producing Ease For You gel pouches. 

When it seemed he was at the edge of breaking into the business world, COVID-19 struck.

“It just stopped everything when we went into lockdown,” he said. 


Stuck at home and watching disaster after disaster unfold on the news, Mr Lowe was moved to try make a difference for the thousands of doctors and nurses struggling to get PPE and hand sanitiser at a reasonable price.

“When they could get hold of it, it was five times more than what they were paying before. It’s so wrong.”

Mr Lowe claimed that some of these sanitisers which were hugely overpriced also didn’t measure up to health and safety standards: “Most other sanitisers, in real terms, is only 40-45 percent ethanol. The NHS states you need a minimum of 60 percent to kill the Covid bacteria.”

Changing the formula for his non-freezable gel, Mr Lowe decided to solve this shortage himself by creating MagiGel, with the help of a team of medics and researchers including Professor Mohsen Miraftab, Doctor Colin Robertson and Doctor Phil Lawton. 

“I upped the ethanol to 72.5 percent again using purified water. Most other sanitisers were using tap water or distilled water and people could be allergic to that. Everybody wanted it. 

“Next thing I was nominated for a business award which I didn’t want to be nominated for because I didn’t do it for awards.”

While it was not for awards or profits, it seemed Mr Lowe could not avoid either of them, as larger companies began contacting him in need of a UK-based hand sanitiser producer.

“Big companies were getting it from China or Turkey and they were looking for a British company to supply them. I’ve even been interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester.”

He continued: “It’s been very profitable and I’ve given 25 percent of the profits to charity as well which is why I’ve been given those awards. 

“The more money I make the more I can donate. I want to help not just local charities, but national charities or even abroad charities. I want to help as many people as I can. It’s never been about money for me if I’m honest. 

“I’m charging a very competitive price. I’m making a good profit and donating a lot to charity so everyone wins. I can’t be happier really.”

Mr Lowe has become somewhat of an acclaimed hero across his home of Bolton, as his generous donations in both money and sanitiser to hospices, hospitals and care homes have been unmatched.

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