Keto Strong is an online exclusive diet pill sold on You cannot find this product in stores.

When you take two capsules of Keto Strong every day, it helps your body to go into ketosis and stay in that stage for as long as possible while burning fat rather than carbohydrates.

Below, we will answer your questions about what the Keto Strong supplement is, how it works and whether it lives up to all the hype.

What’s Keto Strong?

Keto Strong is an all-natural weight loss option that helps your body to enter ketosis.

Keto Strong is formulated to undergo ketosis for as long as possible just as other keto pills do. The two daily capsules will help you to feel the results right away of fat being burned in order for your body to undergo rapid weight loss.

This formula includes BHB ketone salts like other keto pills on the market today. It incorporates calcium, potassium, and magnesium to kickstart the ketosis process, which are actual minerals known to act as ketones.

Collagen, caffeine, and other ingredients complement the formula to expedite ketosis and make you lose weight quicker.

Because of these ingredients combined together, Keto Strong’s manufacturers say that you can achieve weight loss without a healthy diet or exercise regimen. All that you need are the two daily capsules and you will see results regardless of your exercise routine or dietary habits. However, it would be best to try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen for overall health and wellness benefits while you are on the supplement.

How Does this Keto Strong Pill Work?

Keto Strong’s manufacturers say that the supplement will get your body to undergo a ketosis process that takes three steps:

1) Immediately Burns Fat: Right from the moment that you ingest the first two daily capsules, your body begins the ketosis process. You remain in that stage for as much time as possible. While you usually have to not eat or follow a keto diet to naturally go into ketosis, Keto Strong is your ticket to instant ketosis via releasing ketones into your bloodstream. Hence, even if you are not fasting or keeping on a keto diet, you can get the same ketosis benefits by taking Keto Strong instead. says that you can lose about 5 pounds within your first week of regularly ingesting the supplement daily.

2) Burns Fat Faster: Keto Strong keeps you at a fast rate of burning fat. The first 3 weeks of using Keto Strong is when the fat burning will be at its most accelerated to help you lose about 20 pounds in your first month of taking Keto Strong. Because of the constant dosage of BHB ketones from taking the supplement daily, your body continues staying in ketosis because the ketones are traveling through your bloodstream each day. You will see quick weight loss results in a short time frame when you use Keto Strong.

3) Your Body Becomes Transformed: You will see your body transform over the next 3-5 months of taking Keto Strong daily. While your body continues ketosis and your appetite stabilizes, you will see your fat go away and be replaced with a slimmer, new look on your body. You should continue using Keto Strong for that recommended range of months to see the best weight loss results.

Continue to take your two daily Keto Strong capsules to effectively burn fat off your body.

What Does Ketosis Do For My Body?

The goal of keto diet pills is to keep ketosis going in your body continually during your weight loss journey. Don’t forget your two daily capsules and you will see results in a short amount of time.

To decipher how Keto Strong works for your body, you need to know how ketosis affects the human body in general.

Instead of burning carbohydrates, your body burns fat during ketosis instead. The fuel your body receives is from the food you eat. To naturally kickstart ketosis, you must fast or follow a keto diet which either option deprives you of carbohydrates. As you deprive your body of carbs, your body naturally goes into ketosis.

Certain people may not eat at all to begin ketosis naturally. Because you are not receiving any carbohydrates from food since you are fasting, your fat is naturally burned for energy instead as a last resort. This is because you need to get energy from somewhere and the only other option is your body burning your fat stores.

Your body naturally continues to burn carbohydrates rather than your fat stores. If you follow a diet high in carbs, you will have a more difficult time cutting weight because the carbohydrates are being burned for energy rather than fat.

When your body is in ketosis, there’s a different mood you may have not felt before. Some individuals feel it’s a different cognitive state of mind when they are in ketosis. Other people may have a clearer mind during the day or increased physical energy. Besides losing weight, undergoing ketosis can also change your energy mentally and physically, too.

Ketosis is a scientifically proven phenomenon. Scientific studies have been conducted via peer-review research articles. While the keto diet may not work for all people, the ketosis process itself gets you to cut weight every time. The process itself is a natural and physiological survival tactic our body undergoes when there are no carbs in our bodies.

How Much Weight Loss Can I Achieve Using Keto Strong?

The Keto Strong website claims that you can achieve substantial weight loss by keeping up with a regular, daily intake of Keto Strong.

The makers of Keto Strong and online customer reviews testify that can cut weight using Keto Strong:

A female customer said she lost 20 pounds in her first month of taking Keto Strong with not much effort at all.

Another female customer was so elated that she cried when she found out that she lost 10 pounds while using Keto Strong.

A male customer’s BMI went from 26% to 10% within his first 4 months of regularly taking Keto Strong.

When you look at the before and after pictures that accompany the online customer reviews, you can clearly see the rapid weight loss results from loyal users across America. Some people have seen as low as 30 pounds lost and as high as 100 pounds lost while taking Keto Strong.

What are the BHB Ketones in Keto Strong and How Do They Work?

Beta-hydroxybutyrate salts, or BHB salts for short, are otherwise named BHB ketones.

They are essentially salted versions of sodium, potassium, and other minerals included in the Keto Strong formula. They assist ketone levels to be raised in your bloodstream so that your body continually undergoes ketosis.

Supplements that contain BHB ketones work almost the same way.

When your body undergoes the ketosis process, ketones are released into the bloodstream. It heightens your ketone levels to continue burning fat. The body keeps enduring the process for as long as the heightened ketone levels are prevalent in the bloodstream.

Ketone levels are naturally raised by not eating or staying on a keto diet. When you don’t eat at all, your body begins to burn fat because there are no carbs available for energy. The ketosis process naturally begins until you can get energy from food again.

However, BHB supplements provide you a shortcut via the BHB ketones being in the pill already so that ketosis starts without those natural processes.

Keto Strong claims to use various types of BHB ketones to help your body stay in ketosis.

The Ingredients in Keto Strong

Keto Strong’s manufacturers publish the entire ingredients list and their dosages, making it easier to compare Keto Strong to other keto pills on the market.

Some ingredients are not typically seen in keto pills such as vitamin D, fish oil powder, collagen, caffeine, and others. While they are not related to the ketosis process whatsoever, they help you to cut weight in different ways.

Here is the full ingredient list for the Keto Strong supplement and how they help with ketosis:

5mcg of Vitamin D: Vitamin D is not usually incorporated in many keto diet pills, but it’s an important vitamin for immunity, energy levels, and other functions in your body. You get vitamin D primarily from the sun. If you do not have a high enough intake of vitamin D, you will feel subpar immunity and low energy. You receive 5mcg of Vitamin D in your two capsules served daily.

75mg of Calcium: One of the BHB ketone powders is calcium which gets your body to start the ketosis process. Calcium citrate is in Keto Strong to get your bloodstream’s ketone levels raised.

50mg of Magnesium: One of the main ketones used today is magnesium. Magnesium citrate in Keto Strong gets your bloodstream’s ketone levels raised to help expedite your weight loss.

50mg of Zinc: There is zinc oxide included in Keto Strong, which is not a usual ingredient for keto pills on the market. Zinc is important for energy and producing hormones, but it is not one of the minerals that make your body start ketosis. However, it can support different body processes that assist in weight loss and general wellness and health.

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4.5mg of Potassium: Potassium gluconate is included in Keto Strong, which is another well-known BHB ketone that you can find in other competing keto pills. Scientific studies display that potassium gluconate increases your bloodstream’s keto levels for your body to continue ketosis by burning fat.

50mg of Fish Oil Powder: Not many keto pills have fish oil powder, but Keto Strong’s manufacturers have not detailed why they have this ingredient included. Fish oil powder does have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that keep your body in ketosis. They even assist those on a keto diet to achieve their daily intake of key macronutrients.

50mg of Hydrolyzed Collagen: Hydrolyzed collagen is included in Keto Strong, and it’s an ingredient in most anti-aging pills. The protein that’s at its highest in your body is collagen. Most people take collagen supplements to support muscle development, joint health, and to get anti-aging benefits. Including the hydrolyzed version of collagen in Keto Strong will make it easier for your body to break down the collagen itself for those health benefits.

50mg of Caffeine: Most diet pills on the market have caffeine to act as a fat burner and energy enhancer. Keto Strong contains caffeine even though it does not help with the ketosis process. However, caffeine has been scientifically proven to advance fat burning in your body and keep your metabolism increased to encourage weight loss. You get 50mg of caffeine per serving of Keto Strong pills which is about the same caffeine found in 4 ounces of coffee.

Miscellaneous Ingredients: Keto Strong contains other inactive ingredients such as microcrystalline and silicon dioxide to preserve and stabilize the tablets, gelatin to mold the capsule, and brown rice flour as a filler as a binding agent for all the ingredients.

All these ingredients combined can regulate ketosis in your body and keep you on track to losing weight with other ingredients not related to ketosis.

The BHB ketones from calcium, potassium, and magnesium along with other weight loss agents such as caffeine make Keto Strong effective in helping you to burn fat and cut weight.

The Scientific Research Behind Keto Strong

Currently, Keto Strong has not participated in any clinical trials or published discussions of their formula in peer-reviewed journals. There are other studies of keto pills with almost the same ingredients that verify you can cut weight with keto diet pills.

A 2017 study showed that people who consumed exogenous ketones experienced higher ketone levels when their bloodstreams were evaluated. This study showed that BHB ketones can increase your ketone levels to begin ketosis without having to follow a keto diet or fast for some time.

People have asked if exogenous ketones can make a keto diet better. There was another study conducted via Ohio State University researchers that told participants to eat a keto diet. Fifty percent of the study’s participants took a supplement with BHB ketones while the other fifty percent of participants consumed a placebo. The BHB ketone group had increased concentrations of fasting within the first two weeks of using the supplement. There was not a huge difference between the weight losses experienced by both groups.

Keto Strong has other scientifically proven ingredients that expedite weight loss, such as caffeine. Many keto diet pills contain caffeine as an energy booster. A 2005 study published in Obesity Research showed that repetitive caffeine intake helps with expedited weight loss, maintaining weight, and faster metabolism that helps you burn calories faster.

Hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin D, and zinc are also included in Keto Strong which help with boosting energy, maintaining overall wellness and health, and immunity benefits. If you were to take these vitamins and minerals on your own, they would not make a significant difference. However, with these ingredients included in Keto Strong, you are sure to reach the weight loss threshold that you desire while maintaining renewed wellness and health.

If a diet pill says you can lose weight without practicing a healthy diet and keeping an exercise regimen, you should think twice about it. Maintaining a caloric deficit is the most effective way to cut weight. You can achieve this goal via a healthy diet and regular exercise. Weight loss only happens when you work hard to achieve it and make the necessary physical, dietary, and life changes. Scientific evidence has not proven that you can lose substantial weight while using Keto Strong without maintaining exercise and a healthy diet.

Despite this, Keto Strong contains many BHB ketones that force your body to remain in ketosis. While other exogenous ketones are stronger on the market than Keto Strong, this supplement has other ingredients such as caffeine that expedite your weight loss to help back its 90-day money-back guarantee.

How Much Does Keto Strong Cost?

Keto Strong only sells their formula in bottle packages of 2, 3, or 5. The following is how the pricing works on

  • 2 bottles cost $119.50 plus free shipping included.
  • 3 bottles cost $159.84 plus free shipping included.
  • 5 bottles cost $198.80 plus free shipping included.

Every bottle has one month’s worth of Keto Strong which is 60 capsules. Remember that you must take 2 capsules per day to achieve your weight loss goals, hence why each bottle has a one-month supply.

The manufacturer states that you can lose 7 or more pounds if you purchase the package of 2 bottles, 15 or more pounds if you purchase the package of 3 bottles, and 25 or more pounds if you purchase the package of 5 bottles.

What is Keto Strong’s Refund Policy?

Since Keto Strong has a 90-day back guarantee, you can request a refund within that time and be fully reimbursed for your purchase if you are not satisfied with the formula.

If you find that you did not lose a substantial amount of weight while using Keto Strong, you can be refunded within 90 days or less of when you originally purchased the formula.

Who is the Creator of Keto Strong?

Keto Strong operates a company under this same name. The company manufactures the supplement in America.

Not much information has been released about the actual creator of Keto Strong on their website. Even though manufacturing takes place in the United States, we are not clear on exactly where in the country that manufacturing takes place or where they get their ingredients from. It is not clear if any medical experts work at the company to test and formulate the diet pill.

If you want to speak to Keto Strong creators for more information about the product and its origination, you can contact them via email at

The Shark Tank Scams About Keto Strong

Yes, there is a scam story that began in 2021 about the “Shark Tank Keto Pills”. Since Keto Strong is in higher demand, the keto diet pill company and Shark Tank are feeling the heat of the scam allegations. However, many customers know now that the Shark Tank Keto Strong pills scam story is fake and should not be taken as truth.

Advertisements showing Shark Tank Keto Strong affiliations are not true and should be considered not valid. Consumers who are not aware could be tricked into thinking that Shark Tank celebrities such as Barbara Corocoran, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner endorse Keto Strong when they really do not. None of the Shark Tank celebrities have not ever supported a keto pill on their show. Hence, there’s no Shark Tank episode that displays Keto Strong endorsements.

The real Keto Strong never claimed that their brand was featured on Shark Tank. Representatives trying to make a quick buck are creating fake website product pages saying that Shark Tank personnel endorse Keto Strong pills when they never have done so. Hopefully by reading this review, readers can know for sure that this is a false narrative and any fake product pages should not be heeded as truth.

Our Final Verdict

Keto Strong says they are the top keto product in America. With its incorporated BHB ketones and other active ingredients for weight loss, you have the potential to lose 20 pounds or more within the first few weeks of using Keto Strong. Results could be different for everyone based on physiology and how regularly you take Keto Strong.

If you want to learn more about Keto Strong or purchase it online, visit Each bottle of Keto Strong costs $60, and the product has a 90-day money-back guarantee so there is no harm in trying it out.

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