Mithun Babu, a native of Kerala’s Wayanad district, ordered a passport cover from Amazon on October 30 but received an original passport with the product on November 1.

Kerala man orders passport cover on Amazon, receives original passport with product

On October 30, Mithun Babu from Kerala’s Wayanad ordered a passport cover from Amazon and received an original passport with the product on November 1. (Representative Image)

There are a lot of interesting yet unexpected things that can happen when you order products online. Something similar happened with Mithun Babu, a native of Kaniyambetta in Kerala’s Wayanad district.

On October 30, Mithun ordered a passport cover from Amazon. The product was received on November 1, but when he opened the box, he found a real passport along with the cover.

Mithun immediately contacted Amazon customer care. But the response astonished him. The customer care executive said that “it will not be repeated and we will instruct the seller to be very careful next time.” However, they did not say what to do with the passport that came with the cover.

As per the details in the real passport, it belongs to Kerala’s Thrissur district native Mohammad Salih. The owner could not be contacted at first as there was no phone number in the passport. But as a result of Mithun’s efforts, the owner was found.

Mithun said that the passport cover he got may have been first ordered by Muhammad Salih and he may have checked the cover by using his own passport. “When he didn’t like the product, he replaced it without taking back the passport. The returned product was not properly inspected by the seller and they sold it when they received another order,” he added.

However, Mithun is planning to hand over the passport to the owner soon.

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