Vitamin Diva listener Brian needs to know:

“Do the advantages of fermented greens like sauerkraut and kimchi outweigh the danger of growing abdomen most cancers? I perceive that Koreans who eat plenty of kimchi even have the very best charges of abdomen most cancers. Consuming these merchandise to assist the helpful micro organism in our intestines is effectively definitely worth the threat. ”

Brian is correct: Folks in Asian nations the place fermented greens are a big part of the weight loss program have greater charges of abdomen most cancers than anyplace else on this planet.

What are the primary threat components for abdomen most cancers?

Abdomen most cancers was probably the most generally identified most cancers on this planet 50 years in the past. And the excellent news is that the worldwide incidence of gastric most cancers has decreased considerably over the previous few a long time. That is partly because of the decline in smoking, which is a serious threat issue for abdomen most cancers. That is additionally because of the higher detection and remedy of h. Pylori, a bacterium that generally infects the digestive tract and might trigger abdomen ulcers and abdomen most cancers. H. pylori is well eradicated by antibiotic remedy and now that we all know how one can search for it and how one can eliminate it, ulcers and abdomen most cancers are far much less widespread.

What’s the hyperlink between fermented greens and most cancers?

Nevertheless, the incidence of gastric most cancers stays excessive in Korea and elsewhere in Asia. And imagine it or not, the very excessive consumption of fermented greens is seen as a contributing issue. It is a little complicated as consuming extra greens is a good way to decrease your threat of most cancers. And as Brian factors out, fermented greens additionally include probiotic micro organism, which promote wholesome intestine.

On the identical time, fermented greens include nitrosamines. These compounds, that are by-products of the fermentation course of, could be carcinogenic. Right here within the west the primary supply of dietary nitrosamines is cured and processed meat. In Korea, the place complete nitrosamine consumption is way greater, the primary meals sources are smoked or salted fish and fermented greens.

The standard Korean weight loss program can also be rather more sodium than the standard Western weight loss program (which isn’t precisely low-sodium), and this can be one other contributing issue to the excessive charges of abdomen most cancers. Sodium in massive quantities can irritate the liner of the abdomen and doubtlessly make it extra inclined to the carcinogenic results of nitrosamines.

One other factor to bear in mind is that whereas the normal Korean weight loss program is excessive in fermented and pickled greens, it’s low in recent greens. The vitamins in recent greens, particularly vitamin C, can neutralize the nitrosamines within the digestive tract. And the epidemiological proof confirms this: Folks whose diets include plenty of pickled greens, but additionally plenty of recent greens, appear to be shielded from the elevated threat of most cancers.

The identical protecting impact additionally applies to the nitrosamines contained in processed meat resembling bacon or scorching canines. Western diets excessive in processed meat have been repeatedly linked to an elevated threat of digestive cancers. Nevertheless, this elevated threat just isn’t seen in those that eat plenty of processed meat but additionally eat plenty of greens.

How do greens shield in opposition to most cancers?

Whereas it’s clear that consuming greens is linked to a decreased threat of most cancers, we don’t but know all the mechanisms concerned. It might be the antioxidants that greens present. The fiber may additionally play a job in each enhancing digestion and elimination, in addition to selling a wholesome intestine microbiome. And possibly this carcinogenic impact can also be part of what makes greens so good for us.

Are Nitrates and Nitrites Unhealthy For You?

To reply Brian’s query, I feel you possibly can safely (and beneficially) incorporate fermented greens into your weight loss program, each to get extra greens and to get some probiotic micro organism. Simply be sure that your weight loss program consists of loads of recent greens and never an excessive amount of salted, smoked, or cured meat and fish. It is okay to take pleasure in meals from this class sometimes, simply not as a staple.

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