I’m really picky when it comes to shopping for furniture – as I believe everyone should be. Why? I want something that’s going to stand the test of time, wear well, and that will keep up with my ever-changing taste. Told you. One place I never thought to look, though, was Amazon. Up until very recently, Amazon furniture wasn’t even on my radar. Amazon rugs? May be… but for furniture? Absolutely not. Sure, Amazon is the place I go to buy all my technology and makeup goods when they’re out of stock everywhere else, but furniture had never really crossed my mind before. Alas, I’m really glad it did.

Browsing through showrooms and homeware stores is a bit of a beloved pastime for me, I have to admit. But there are days where I like to take my time in the comfort of my own home and trawl through the internet for what I need instead. With Amazon furniture, there is a minimum wait time, too. The days of waiting weeks on end for pieces to arrive from various different warehouses are gone – a lot of what is on offer on the website can be delivered as instantly as everything else is.

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I know what you’re thinking; Amazon furniture can’t be any better than IKEA, so why not just go there? Well, what if I told you that Amazon actually stocks a lot of IKEA furniture? Yep. Not only does Amazon sell a vast range of its own sofas, bed frames, coffee tables and armchairs at various prices, but it also sells your favourite designs from the iconic Swedish brand.

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While you’re less likely to find premium materials, one-off vintage finds or handcrafted pieces on Amazon, you will find plenty of bargains that will do just as good-a job and be shipped out a lot quicker. Say, for example, you’re in need of a sofa bed in time for guests to stay this Christmas – Amazon furniture has got you covered.

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In need of a dressing table to perform your beauty and skincare routine at? The YOURLITE Vanity Table is perfect – it features a light-up LED mirror and two storage drawers (ideal for keeping hair products such as straighteners and hair dryers inside), plus it comes with a cushioned stool for sitting on.

If you’re looking to spruce up your living or dining room area, then this Modern Velvet Buttoned Armchair or this Industrial Style Dining Table will work a treat. An accent chair is the perfect way to add a pop of colour or texture to the corner of a room, and the modern feel of that table will lend itself to a wide variety of interior styles.

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